“I can do that.”

The four most hated words uttered to an artist…”I can do that.”

I am a writer and when people ask me what I do their response is normally, but not limited to, “Oh, is that all you do?” “I think I will write a book too.” And my FAV! “I have more important things to do with my time.”

Yes, binge-watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix is more important. Wait- actually- it is. WATCH IT! It is amazing. But, you get what I’m saying. If you have time to binge on anything then you have time to create. I am not saying you need to write a book or 10, but there are other amazing things you can do with your time.

Image result for creating artI have a daughter, shocking- I know I may have mentioned I have 2 from time to time- **CLEARS THROAT** As I was saying, I have a daughter who is, in fact, an artist. As in paints, canvases, and other forms of media.  I don’t know how many times I have sat with her at shows or markets where people have walked up and said things like,…Oh, my grandchild can do that, or I can do that. Then DO IT! If you believe you can or someone close to you can then DO IT and support them while they do.  What’s stopping you? People like you, maybe? Being judged or nitpicked? Having someone tell you your prices are too high. Too high? Do you know the time, effort, skill, and dedication that goes into creating art/books?

I write. I paint and sew and croche strictly for pleasure…not for you. But words- I want to share them. Now let’s talk about time, skill, dedication in regards to writing. Image result for writing a book free

  • Time- plotting can take anywhere from weeks to months.
  • Research- is non-stop while creating a story. I write fiction, so it is made up, but reality makes a fictional story relateable…this is where research comes into play.
  • Actual writing- I write upwards of four hours a day. Not including this blog. Writing can include rewrites, new story details, and editing.
  • Reading- is a must for a writer. A writer who doesn’t read lacks the skills necessary to create anything worth reading.
  • Groups- Yup, you need like-minded people to help you build your skills and knowledge of the industry.
  • Supplies- notebooks, pens/pencils, computer, paper, printer, books for research, a library card, Xanax, coffee, tea, punching-bag, therapy, and a place to work.

Yup- all of this has a cost. Think about that when you pick up a book and complain about the price tag. I agree some are ridiculous in price.

So, do it. You think you can and have the balls to say you can- what’s stopping you? Nerves? The idea that someone may judge you or laugh at your work?

Now you know have we feel. We put our work out there for you to enjoy. We trust you to understand the time and effort we put in to construct a world for you to escape too. If you don’t like what we have done then share your critiques in a mindful manner. We can’t fix what’s off if we don’t know it’s there. But being cruel is NOT required.

How do you feel when someone judges your work? How do you feel when they put you on blast for all to see? That’s how we feel.

Artists want to paint the world in beautiful colors. Writes want to paint a world in words. Musicians color in tones. Let us create without threats.

Enjoy our attempts. Be kind in your opinions. Now, go read a book or look at some art or listen to music…and remember- someone created that for you to enjoy.Image result for music painting books

I’m off to wrangle some words…

Take time to…Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.



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