Best laid plans…

Image result for broken heartYou know how it goes. You have grand plans for a window of time and then Karma sticks her nasty little head in and laughs long and hard at you and snickers, “Gurl, please. I got other plans for you.” That, my friends, is what happened last week. I had a 5-day window where I would be free to do absolutely anything and everything I wanted. I was going to write blogs and finish chapters and clean parts of the house that really NEEDED it…but Karma. She truly can be a bitch. But this time she wasn’t a bitch to me. She was nasty to a love in my life and threw a monkey wrench into her happy little life. It was my place and my arms she fell into and I took on her pain with her.
To all of you who follow and read this little slice of my world- thank you for your patience and kindness. I will get back at it as soon as possible. I haven’t left you, I have someone who needs me here and now.

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Until tomorrow…

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