My Personal Journey: 52

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This isn’t my 52nd Personal Journey post. This is my, I just turned 52 post. I celebrated my womb eviction on 7/7. The question I have is am I old? I would like to say no, but my health would disagree. It’s all good though. It could always be worse, and I have a story to prove it. Run along and grab that fresh cuppa and a nibble. You’ll need it.

For those who don’t know me, I am in chronic pain. Like, getting out of bed in the morning is a big deal. Then again, it’s just as painful to lay in bed as it is sitting here chatting with you. What does this have to do with turning 52? Well, this year the Hubs took this into consideration when selecting my gifts. I may have put the idea into his head over the months before. He scheduled a salt float and foot detox for me. This was big. Huge, even. I have wanted to do this since last Summer when my friends told me about it.

Let’s start with the foot detox…cuz that’s how my appointment started. So, you stick your tootsies in a warm bath with a generous sprinkle of Himalayan salt. Then they toss in an ionic detox machine and plug it in. The woman then handed me a color chart explaining what I may see and why. This chart runs from clear, the start, all the way to black/dark green. So, I sat back and waited for the rainbow. Let me tell you this, it was fowl. Not like stinky fowl but the colors and foam that appeared were gross. GROSS.

These aren’t my feet but still-gross.

It was a progression of colors. It started out yellow, moving to orange, then kind of a burnt orange and so on until it hit black. This chart also explained what these colors meant. It told all the things that were being cleared from my system. According to this sheet, every organ, joint, and even my blood was being scrubbed clean.

I am not going to argue the benefits of Eastern medicine. I believe it is beneficial and I would never turn it down…but…I do have a question. Okay, if all this funk was in my body and could come out through my feet, then why don’t my white socks turn colors when I sweat? Think about it. Yes, I am sure I have crud in my body, I don’t question that. I question the visuals. Now, I do have those gross yellow stains around the under arms of my favorite white tees but not my socks. Just a thought.

The Hubs and I are planning a couple’s float at some point.

Okay, that was only the first part of my appointment. Part two was fabulous and I am still, a week later, enjoying the outcome (kinda- but that’s a story for the end of this post).  The epsom salt float. I was brought to a wet room that housed a beautiful shower, stacks of fluffy towels and a float room. If you have no clue what I am talking about, I suggest you look it up. Google is our friend. This float room was easily 8×8 and contained about 12 inches of warm water and enough Epsom salt to assist you in floating with ease. I was able to select my preferred lighting and sounds if I wanted them. I went lights free and brown noise/waves.

Since I chose no light and brown noise, my float was a sensory deprivation session. It was designed to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. There are medical studies that show an increase in optimism, pain relief, better sleep, and positive thinking. I have only had one and I can say the pain relief is noticeable. I slept so well that night I woke prepared for a great day. This matters because I have been in constant pain for 20+ years. Can you imagine that? Look, I’m not saying the pain is gone. I am saying it lessened enough that it was noticeable. All I can say is this…if you want to get me a gift in the future this is what I want. Period.

Now, how did I screw it up? LOL

I’m not kidding. I messed up the amazing feeling by getting a shot- well, 2 shots. The first being my first Shingles shot. The pharmacist said the side effect of this shot would be limited to a sore arm. Cool. The second shot? The SECOND F@#$ING SHOT! That was my second Covid booster that I only got because there was a mini outbreak at the Hubs’ office. I did it to protect him and me from stupid people. This shot, this one, took me down and beat the crap out of me. All the benefits from the soak were gone.

I had them all!

Every joint hurt so bad I cried when I tried to lay down. My hips ached when I sat. My head pounded. Even my hands hurt. What’s comical about all of this is not one of the other three Covid shots had an effect on me. Not even a fever. The Hubs suffered through each shot but not me. Karma kicked me in the tush. Hard.

I’m two days out from the shots and am now feeling a bit better. Sleep was a struggle, but it has been for a long time, but I feel pretty good. Not like I did when I crawled out of that float tank but better than I did when I stepped in.

If you have a chance, do it! Get in that tank, turn off the lights and sounds and just float. Reconnect with your breathing, your heartbeat, and your mind. We become numb to our own needs and desires. This is a way to reconnect with yourself.

Let me know if you do the foot detox and/or float. I wanna hear what you think.


Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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