Where Have I Been?

Stuck in a swirl.

At the moment, I am waiting for the air conditioner repairman.

A few days ago we had the most bizarre, yet extreme storm. Really, it was crazy! One tree in our neighbor’s yard was completely uprooted. This is not a tiny tree. I couldn’t wrap my arms around it if I tried. In the backyard was another tree that had a massive limb snapped off. A car crushing branch. HUGE! On the other side of our home is where the A/C is located where yet another branch landed, striking our unit. The unit works but we want to ensure it isn’t damaged for future use.

***Just got a call telling me the repairman won’t be here until much later today. Argh. Oh, well. We aren’t the only ones who need help. ***

There is a funny image within this chaos. Just minutes before the storm hit the Hubs pulled our trashcan out to the curb where all the neighbors had theirs lined up. Picture a flash flood wiping out these cans. They were literally bobbing and floating along the street. Insane. The Hubs had to go swimming/fishing for our can. You can imaging the amount of trash that came floating up onto ours and our neighbor’s yards. Holy mess, Batman!

Off to clean up some more leaves, branches, and trash.

Author: Ticia Rani

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