Character Arc: Ally

An ally is more than the bestie to the Main Character. They aren’t just the love interest or mom either. They are a sympathetic character to the MC. They lend a hand in plot action while being subtle and not in your face. Amazingly enough they have an extremely important role in the character arc. This is why some writers don’t use them or don’t use them enough. They require work.

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He is A-dork-able.
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Gotta love this guy. Total bestie.

Why are they so important? Well, they are the character that tends to shove our MC onto the right path. Who was a Teen Wolf (MTV series) fan? Me! Okay, so Styles would be this character. I must add that he was used quite well in the series. Styles had a way of motivating Scott to do the right thing. He keeps Scott informed and as well prepared as possible. Or, if you like, let’s use The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien and Samwise Gamgee. He kept Frodo Baggins moving and safe. These are awesome allies to have when you are trying to survive werewolf attacks or Orcs.

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Don’t get caught stealing nibbles.

Who is your bestest ally? I have a few. Of course, the Hubs and then my girlies, and then the bestie, Susan. Make sure you are surrounded by good quality allies. It also helps if those you look up to are of good quality as well. We need better idols in our world today. Just sayin’. Now back to reality…Hi, I will be your tour guide through Take Off Your Pants! by Libbie Hawker. To prepare for todays trip through this book I recommend you top off your cuppa with your favorite liquid, steal a pocket full of nibbles from that jerk’s candy jar a few rows over, and find your copy of said book. Once you have all in place, strap in and ready yourself. And here we go…

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We are going to start “beefing up” the outline we have been creating for yours and my books. We will start to sidetrack our MC from the task at hand in this portion. They will appear to be chasing the dangling carrot but will really be running from what scares them most- their inner flaw. We all know how this part goes. Your MC has the power to do what is necessary to avoid facing their flaw, but you gave him/her a task. This task puts them in direct line with slamming headfirst into said flaw. You are such a meanie. You set it up so that they must face the flaw to get the carrot. Really, we are such meanies to our MCs.

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But…send in the cavalry! Or, in our case, the ally. This is the character who will turn your MC back towards the goal and facing their flaw. The ally is the only one who can do this. Your ally must be important to the MC. So much so that he/she must listen to their words.

Image result for samwise and gollum

So, who is they ally in your story? Are they obvious and stand next to the MC the entire time or is the one standing there masquerading as a friend? Is the ally trying to show the MC the intent of the fake friend (Samwise & Gollum). The ally is the one who pushes the MC to the “no further options” point in the story and then follows them into battle.

Remember, it is perfectly fine to allow your ally to remain a quiet noise in the background throughout most of the tale. They could be a sibling to your MC or the wise Uncle from Spiderman- “with great power comes great responsibility.” These are the characters the MC trusts completely. They may not be in the forefront for most of the story, but they hold absolute power with the MC. They will listen to them above all others.

Image result for with great power comes great responsibility uncle ben gif
Best line ever.


  1. MC- who they are in general.
  2. External goal- the dangling carrot.
  3. Antagonist- who’s poking the MC (the bad guy)
  4. Blank
  5. End- your intended ending

FLAW- why your MC isn’t perfect.

ALLY- Your Samwise. Your Uncle Ben.

How is your outline looking? Is this working for you?

Polish your sparkle and keep twirling.

Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.

I’m always looking for new friends!

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