The Little Things Count

I’ve been battling some writer’s block, so I decided to watch some writing videos on ways to push forward in your work. Here are a few points that really help.
These are a few secrets to push forward.

• Set a deadline. Decide how many pages you would have to write per day to reach your deadline goal. Say you want to have 100 pages 4 weeks from today. You would have to write a little over 3 pages per day to reach it. That’s doable.

• Design a daily routine. There are apps you can load on your computer that can turn off social media for an extended period of time per day. Treat it like it is as important as you want it to become. Plan for it.

• Small things matter! Set up your margins, parameters, insert page numbers. Create your copyright page, dedication page, author bio…this is about 3-5 pages. BONUS! Getting these pages in place will push you to add more.

• Think about your readers. You are a reader. What do you like to read and why? Write what you want to read and how you want to read it.

• Why did you start writing? Think about it. Relive the motivation. Recapture the muse. Listen to that small voice- follow the call.

• Schedule, plan, follow through. There are 24 hours in a day. You plan work time, gym time, doctors, and entertainment. Why not put hard ink on the schedule that says you WILL write from this time until this time? Make it a priority and it will become one.

• Who holds your feet to the fire? Who do you answer to if you don’t write? No one? Then why bother, right? Time to find a writing buddy. Someone who you must report in to. If you can’t find a someone then find a group. Local coffee shops, libraries, and bookstores are good places to find leads on groups. Surround yourself with likeminded people.

• Find a SMART group of people to critique your work. This can’t be personal. It must be quality and professional. Does it sting being critiqued- YES. Is it worth it? Yes, it has made my work stronger.

• Who do you look up to? You need someone who knows more than you. No- really. You need someone who can guide you along in your journey. Do you have to follow each step they did? Nope. But they can help you understand the options. Mentors are worth their weight in gold. Correction, GOOD mentors are worth their weight in gold. Find a good one.

Polish your sparkle and just keep twirling.
Find joy. Be joy. Enjoy.
I’m always looking for new friends! 😊


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