My idea of clubbing…


wine club

Not really, but it was kinda funny.

How do you find a local book club?

  • Local Library
  • Coffee Shops
  • Churches
  • Book Stores
  • Start your own…

Local Library book clubs tend to limit the books they read to what falls on the current best seller list. They also tend to cater to a specific group of people who attend the meetings. I joined one where I was the baby of the group at 45. My new-fangled ideas were just too much for those ladies. I left after three very boring books.

Coffee shop book clubs can be interesting. Some are open to a variety of genre while others will only read books in a smaller field. If you are looking in this realm for a book club then try to get as much information as possible about what they have read overall. Is it varied or stuck in one genre? Check around to multiple places. You may find your dream club and an amazing cup of coffee all in the same place.

Bookstores want you to buy books. They want you to buy the new bestseller so their focus may be off. But, sometimes book clubs in bookstores are hosted by an outside entity. The store may just be a convenient location to meet. Just remember, bookstores are STORES so there will be customers milling around. So, hearing and or speaking too loudly could become an issue. Once again, you have to dig a little deeper to find out the details.

Church groups- they may limit the genre and topics of books but if that’s okay with you then read away.

Start your own if you dare. Muahahahaha! Actually… why not? If you have the time and desire to do it, go for it. Talk to your friends. Put a shout out on Facebook to see who might be interested. But, you choose the first book. It’s your group after all. After that, be open to what others would like to read. I suggest a once a month group and be open to sharing copies of the book with other members. You could even have a roaming club, where you meet at the person’s home who suggested the next book. That way you aren’t always stuck hosting. Let someone else make the coffee and snacks.

book clubs are the best

***Thank you, Melody P., for the topic today!***

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