Titan’s Creed (1)


“Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!” Rylynn screeched as she once again jumped off the barstool as she tried to back away from the ice cold beer that was rapidly spreading across the front of her t-shirt. Sprinkles, the evening bartender and favorite club honey, tossed Rylynn a damp bar towel to help stave off the spread of the caramel liquid.

Cameo sucked stale cigarette flavored air between his overly white teeth, “Damn, baby,” he leered and ran his tongue over his bottom lip, “I would be glad to help clean you up…with my tongue. It’s not nice to waste a good beer or ignore nipples that are pointing the way.”

“Fuck off,” growled Rylynn as she dropped the towel back on the bar. “You’re the one who is wasting beer by ensuring that I keep wearing them all in an attempt at helping me wipe it off.” She turned allowing him a full view of her sneer worn just for him, “No means no, ass hat. Get a fucking clue.”

Ry shoved away from the bar and side-stepped the puddle she had been standing in when Cameo stepped into her path. He took her firmly by her arm and leaned in closer so that Rylynn could smell the beer, cigarette’s, and burrito he ate some time ago, “When are you gonna get a clue? Your daddy may be the prez, but you ain’t shit. You are a split-tail in a MC. You ain’t important. You ain’t special. Your only place in this club is as club honey or an ol’lady and you are gonna be my bitch. I will slit a brother’s throat to get you under me and my name on your skin.”

“Well, ain’t that brotherly love for ya? You would kill a brother over pussy,” Rylynn stated loud and clear to garner the attention of the men around them. “Did you hear that guys?” Ry asked no one in particular, “Cameo hear would cut any one of your throats just to get a taste of little ol’ me,” she cooed and fluttered her lashes on a mocking gesture.

“Is that so,” boomed a voice coming from a few feet behind Cameo. Men blocked Rylynn’s view, but the voice was clear and more than familiar to both parties. Silence crept across the bar as Hammer stepped into sight. “You would hurt a brother over…,” he paused when he looked down at the woman Cameo was man handling, “a split-tail?” He winked at Ry as she cocked her head at him. Cameo released her arm as Hammer stepped even closer. “No one will argue that our lil’ Hammer here is worthy of a fierce love, and a strong man, but she said no and no is all I need to hear.” Hammer turned so that he stood in front of Cameo to make the following statement perfectly clear, “We don’t hurt woman. We protect our ol’ ladies and family, not abuse them. It is very clear that lil’ Hammer is not your lady and doesn’t wish to be. Are we clear…brother?”

Cameo gritted his teeth as he spread his lips into a snake like smile, “Yes, sir.”

“Good,” barked Hammer. He waved to Sprinkles behind the bar, “Get him a beer, sweet heart, on me.” Sprinkles giggled and shimmied her chest in his direction as she bent to grab a glass. Hammer eyed her display with more than a mild interest when Rylynn slapped his arm.


Hammer chuckled as he tossed his arm around his granddaughter, “I ain’t dead, lil’ girl.” He tucked her close and walked her away from Cameo and his greedy eyes. “What’s the deal with Cameo?”

Ry chanced a glance back at the man in question to find two club honey’s rubbing away his hurt feelings. “He is demanding my attention and I am most certainly trying to avoid his.”

“I think he wants more than your attention. Do you need me to do something about that?” he asked as they walked down the back hall to the office. He unlocked the door and held it open for his lil’ girl to go in.

Rylynn crossed the threshold and stood in the middle of the room and nudged her boot into the worn carpet, “No, I think I can handle it.” She did not look certain and sounded even less so.

Hammer walked behind the desk and dropped into the years worn desk chair. He kicked his massive boot up and dropped it down on the worn wooden corner of the desk where Ry once did her homework. Now, it’s where she does the books and keeps inventory for the club and garage. “I’ve got your back and always will.” She smiled at his warm words and was about the slap his boots off the desk when her cell rang from her back pocket. “I bet I know who that is and I am sure he would have your back too.”

Rylynn smiled at her grandfather as she pulled the singing phone from her pocket. He had been right. The caller was someone that Ry could give her life too and knew he would always protect her. Rylynn stuck her tongue out at her grandfather as she answered the call. “Hey, Wraith, gramps says ‘hi’,” she smiled as she turned to leave the office.

“No I didn’t, I said he would protect you,” he hollered as she stepped through the doorway.

“Hold on a sec,” Ry mumbled as she stepped back into the office. She placed her hand over the receiver, “Hey, remind me to talk to you about some odd numbers I found today.” She smiled at her grandfather as she turned back down the hall. “Sorry about that, I’m back.”

“Protect you? What happened? You okay?” Wraith growled into the phone. “Who do I gotta kill?”

Rylynn smiled to herself as she rolled her eyes at the idea that Wraith would come running if she needed him. “I’m fine; just Cameo being a dick-weed as usual. He just won’t take a hint, ya know.” Ry slipped out the back entrance of The Pump House Bar & Grill then climbed up on the picnic table near the door. She sat cross legged in the middle of the table and settled her back against the cinder block wall to catch up with her oldest friend and biggest crush. “He just managed to douse me with a beer for the second time this week. He thinks it’s some kind of wet t-shirt contest in there every night.”

“Why do you go there then? You know what he’s gonna do. Stay away from trouble, Jewel.”

Jewel, she loved it when he called her that, but she would never tell him so. “I work here and why am I the one who has to stay away? I have just as much right to be here as that dick does.”

“That’s exactly why. He is and has a dick, I would assume, and you don’t. In a civilian bar I would say that the rights flow both ways, but The Crib isn’t a civie spot. It’s full of bad ass bikers who want to compare balls and will fight for the chance to show you theirs,” he scolded. “And besides, you work at the garage and everywhere else paperwork needs to be done, but you don’t need to stay for the beer, bitches, and fuck fest that follows,” Wraith scolded. “I’ve told you this a thousand times, Jewel.”

“Yes, sir,” she snipped at his demands and she giggled sending him a smart assed verbal salute. “I forgot. I’m not allowed to have a good time and drink a few beers at the end of the day because I pee sitting down.”

“I can piss sitting down too. It’s only when women think they can piss standing up that they cause a fucking mess.”

“Smart ass.”

“Beats the hell out of being a dumb fuck.”



Rylynn hesitated for a moment wondering if it was worth knowing, but asked anyway, “Why do you insist on calling me Jewel? Is Ry too hard for your brain to wrap around?”

“I’ve called you Jewel since we were kids. Why would I stop now?”

“But you never told me why? If you call me the fucking family jewel like Cameo does, I swear I will come there and strangle you myself.”

Wraith barked in laughter, “So that’s how I have to get you here, huh?”

“Tell me.”

“It’s those baby blues, Jewel.” His voice lowered, “They are more beautiful than sapphires, my birthstone.” He chuckled at her sigh, “So, I claimed you as my Jewel.”

She was claimed as his Jewel, but she wanted to be claimed as so much more.

They talked for another half hour before club business pulled him away. Rylynn decided it was in her best interest to call it a night and head home where she would be Cameo free and not have to bear witness to her grandfather playing slap-n-tickle with Sprinkles. The idea gave her a shiver of disgusted followed by a chuckle at the idea of him finding a distraction. Thankfully they had an unwritten agreement. He would not bring anyone home causing her to be completely creeped out as long as she didn’t bring any men home. He didn’t need a murder rap. It wasn’t like she would anyway. The only man she wanted was several states away and probably tangled up in a sweaty heap with a club honey…or two.

Rylynn snuck back into the club and slipped into the office to collect the books she had been working on when she found some discrepancies that she wanted to look into further. Her grandfather had moved on from where she had left him earlier. She dropped down into his old squeaky chair and sorted through stacks of papers, ledgers, and binders on his desk. She tucked her laptop and a few ledgers into her duffle bag and then slipped back out as quickly as she had gone in. She hiked the bag over her shoulders and strapped it across her chest as she climbed onto her Sportster and kicked back the stand. She started the bike and let it rumble beneath her for a moment. She giggled softy as she clearly understood why women called them massive vibrators.

She was in need. She needed a round with her own vibrator, better yet, a man. Rylynn was no longer satisfied with the empty orgasms that never seemed to satisfy that deep itch. She felt as though something was missing. Whatever was lacking she knew it had to be because there was no intimacy with something that ran on batteries or a power cord for that matter, but she had what she had. She could have Cameo. She wiped that thought from her head as quickly as it had entered. She shuttered at the thought of his hands on her. She would suffer through a battery shortage, a power outage, and still never offer herself up to that pig. With that thought removed she revved the engine then took off through the gates and made her way to the home she shared with her grandfather.

She settled the books on the kitchen table and spread out in a comfortable mess. Stacks of receipts and ledgers teetered on the edge as more papers, her trusted calculator, and a line of highlighters fought for space. She rubbed her feet on the massive dog that lay at her feet. Nox had been a birthday gift to her from Wraith just three years earlier. He always spent her birthday with her and she would go to him for his day. She smiled when her monster Gotti Blue Nosed pit started to snore. “Good boy, Nox.”

She checked and double checked each line, highlighting items and corresponding entries in the ledgers. Things were not adding up as they should. Deposits were listed for unknown works where debits were paying for items they never needed. Line A was not adding up to line Z. She could see that something shady was happening, but the big question was, did Hammer know? Was it sanctioned? If so, she could walk away from it clean and never touch it again, but if not, she and Hammer had a real mess on their hands.

Rylynn took notes in her own short hand and labeled each entry in her journal with a line number from a receipt or bill. She would have to examine all the clubs books to see where the money was going and whose fingers were in on it. She decided that she would scan all the documents into her computer for easier sorting in the morning.

It was nearing tomorrow when Ry tucked the receipts inside a journal and slipped it onto her backpack along with her laptop. Her pillow was begging for some head so that was where she went. Just as she tucked herself deep down into her bed she heard the thunder of Hammer’s mufflers. She had thought he would have stayed at the club with Sprinkles, but allowed a sleepy smile to slide across her face. “Good night, grandpa,” she whispered and then drifted off to sleep.

Author: Ticia Rani

I am...interesting. I am a writer, dreamer, mom, wife, veteran, friend, villain, and the wearer of many hats, but I don't look good in hats- go figure. I LOVE TO WRITE. I want to tell stories. I want to make you laugh, cry, and scare the crap out of you, and make you ask "why the hell did you do that?" I want to make you cheer my characters on or want to shake the crap out of them for things they say and/or do. I want to bring you along for the ride. Ready? Set?...READ!!!

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