Caution! Work Zone: Creating Awesome


Why is it frowned upon to do something solely for your own pleasure? I am a writer. Not because I want to be but because I need to be. Why is this hard to understand? Why do so many people find it within their rights to tell me I am wasting my time? You tell me it’s stupid and then go read a book. You tell musicians to get a job while listening to the radio or film students they are slackers while streaming an epic film on Netflix.

Who do you think created those things? We are meant to create. Not all of us are “creative” but all of us have the ability to create. Mine is through words. I paint a story for you with language. My husband creates beauty in the way he helps humanity walk and run by building braces and prognostics. He creates differently than I do but he creates. A chef imagines the possibilities of the eggplant and then creates magic on a plate. Some even specialize in the art of chaos. Stop telling us we are wasting time.

We are creating the next masterpieces that you will fawn over.

I am writing the next best novel. Stand back and watch- but keep your opinions to yourself.