Three of the Hardest Words


How long would you go before saying you were sorry for something you had done? I have screwed up big time throughout my life and have had to learn how to say these words. But, saying them isn’t the hardest part…meaning them is the battle. You hear “sorry” all the time. A one word phrase thrown out when someone bumps into you or slights you by accident. “I’m sorry” is rarely heard. “I am” is the part people forget. I hate when you don’t claim it. It’s the same with “love you.” Where is the “I”? Is it your way of not claiming it? Is it your way of getting close but not fully committing? It’s a shame. So many problems can be resolved with three words. Love can be shared completely with three words. THREE LITTLE WORDS.

My door is open. My phone still works. When you are ready to say ALL three words…I will listen.

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